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a fan's got to do what a fan's got to do

In my copious free time, I'm a member of a very loose tribe called science fiction fandom. It's hard to explain fandom to people who are outside it. Sometimes, it's hard to explain it to people who are inside it. Try to imagine it, if you will, as a bunch of people with very widely diverse interests that trace back to science fiction in some way. The connection is often tenuous; there are people in fandom who don't actually read or watch SF.

As part of fandom, I do a few things. I publish an occasional fanzine called Lost Johnny's Radio Fanzine. I've been onstage at the world science fiction convention dressed as a giant beet. I've stood in a bar discussing orbital mechanics with a rocket scientist. Mostly, I filk.

filk? what's filk?

Glad you asked. To mangle Randall Garrett, "filk is a matter of symbolism and intent." Or, if you prefer, "filk is what I point to when I say filk." It's certainly musical; it means that I sit around late at night with people who I consider friends, some of us with instruments, some of us with voices, all of us enjoying the music. I've written a few songs and I've put most of the lyrics online, along with RealAudio streams of some of them. I can't answer for their absolute quality; I just write the stuff I like. Some people must like them, since I've been honored with Pegasus Award nominations, Interfilk sent me to Consonance in March, 2001, and was the Filk Waif at FilkOntario in April of 2002.

For some insane reason, I ran filk programming at Lunacon and The Millenium Philcon. Now I know better. It won't stop me from doing it again, but I know better.

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